Level One First Aid DOL-LG Seta R700.00 p/p
Level Two First Aid DOL-LG Seta R700.00 p/p
Level Three First Aid DOL-LG Seta R2 100.00 p/p
Fire Service Instructor Course SAESI/IFSAC R4 500.00 p/p
Hazmat Awareness Course SAESI/IFSAC R2 800.00 p/p
Hazmat Operational Course SAESI/IFSAC R2 900.00 p/p
Fire Fighter 1 SAESI/IFSAC R4 700.00 p/p
Fire Fighter 2 SAESI/IFSAC R3 600.00 p/p
Full Package of FF1 & 2-Awareness & Operational Package R14 000.00 p/p
Fire Safety Inspection-260119-LG Seta R4 700.00
Basic Fire Fighting Course R550 p/p
Advanced Fire Fighting R2 100.00 p/p
Driver/Pump Operator R7 500.00 p/p
Use of SCBA-242852-LG Seta R3 000.00 p/p
* FF1 Haz Awe, FF2 Haz Ops course includes accommodation
* p/p = Per person
* All 46 LG Seta Qualifications related to fire and rescue can be presented on request of the clients
* Please feel free to ask for a quotation on bulk services. Terms & conditions apply on Company/municipality/gov. department/any sole  trader
South African Emergency Services Institute (SAESI/IFSAC)
The Department of Labor (DOL)
SDL Seta
Provisionally with the HWSETA
Gefsta is fully accredited with LG Seta on the following:
  • 57803-Further Education and Training Certificate-Fire and Rescue.
  • 64390-National Certificate: Emergency Service Supervisor Fire and Rescue Operations.
  Nothern Free State
Republic Of South Africa
115 Steyn Street
Tel: +27 57 354 4476/72/71
Fax: +27 57 354 4498
Email: info@gefsta.co.za
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